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Courtney Chalifoux

Clinical & Regulatory Affairs Manager (Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.)

“Surround yourself with family, friends, mentors and colleagues who support and encourage you to look beyond what is accepted and create innovative change. Being a part of this change and witnessing its impacts first-hand is not only rewarding but serves as further motivation to continue advancing the world we live in while improving conditions for those around us.”

Courtney Chalifoux. I have always had a keen interest in STEM related fields, but it was the Introduction to Computer Integrated Surgery at Queen's University that peaked my interest the most and opened my eyes to a whole new realm of possibility. I was fascinated by how technology was changing the face of healthcare and this is what led to my enrolment in the Master of Biomedical Technology (MBT) program at the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine. During the final stages of the MBT program, I was fortunate to secure an internship with Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. This led to my current work as Orpyx’s Clinical & Regulatory Affairs Manager.


Tyler West

ICEcube at DIRTT Environmental Solutions

Always continue learning and never be afraid to tinker and try new things. STEM careers are focused largely on experimentation and research - if “making things work” is your passion, then a STEM career is for you.

Tyler West - My love of computers and technology started when my parents bought their first home PC back in 1998. All throughout high school I focused my electives on technology - enrolling in courses such as new media production, animation and web development. Upon graduation from high school, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in technology. I was accepted into the Computer Technology diploma program at SAIT. Currently, I am a Virtual Reality (VR) expert who works at Ice Edge, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DIRTT (Doing It Right This Time). My focus has been on finding novel ways to integrate VR into our client-facing experiences. I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling experience!


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