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Dr. Garnette Sutherland

Adjunct Professor, University of Calgary & Director, Seaman Family MR Research Centre

“While a young medical student, I was drawn to the unchartered territory of neuroscience/neurosurgery. My mentor, the late William J. Sibbald, inspired my thinking towards research, discovery and critical thinking. He pushed me towards achieving my very best, and always credited students for their work, no matter how inexperienced. Go where your heart desires and pursue your dreams. There is a lot not known about the brain, how it works and the diseases that impact it, and lots of opportunity to contribute in this area.”

Dr. Garnette Sutherland is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Physics and Anatomy at the University of Calgary, Professor in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, and Director of the Seaman Family MR Research Centre with Alberta Health Services. Dr. Sutherland has made a number of contributions to science and medicine, most notable among them the neuroArm, the world’s first image-guided, MR compatible, robotic arm for precision brain surgery. The neuroArm has been used on dozens of brain operations at the Calgary Foothills Medical Centre and Dr. Sutherland’s team continues to advance the field of robotics in the Project neuroArm research facility at the University of Calgary’s Health Research Innovation Centre.


Julie Babione

Research Associate, Ward 21st Century, Foothills Medical Centre

I received an email about “A day in the life of a User Experience Researcher/Designer.” I had the epiphany- this was me, this was my calling. I could actually get paid to work on projects to improve health care through user experience research and design. When my aunt died of breast cancer, I wanted to cure cancer. I might not be able to do that, but every day I’m bringing my best to make health care and the patient experience better.

Growing up, I was led to believe there were really only four viable careers: doctor, lawyer, teacher, or engineer.  By the time I got to university, I had opted for dentistry, shadowed at a clinic for a summer, and discovered that while I had the manual dexterity, spending my life staring into people’s mouths was not for me.  A meandering path from there led me to Ward 21st Century at the Foothills Medical Centre, where as a Research Associate, I continue to apply all my past education, experience, and practical skills to work with clients, other research groups, and on internal projects to improve health care through user experience research and design.

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