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Helping Students Successfully Build and Entrepreneurial Career Path

A special event for teachers, counsellors, career advisors and other educators supporting entrepreneurially minded students as well as parents of students who are interested in Entrepreneurship as a potential career.

This event coincides with a special session for high school and junior high students - Student Startup Sucess - that has four out of town speakers flying in from New York and San Franciso.

In today’s work world and that of the future, students have the ability create meaningful and rewarding careers that are related to their passions without having to depend on conventional employment where the nature of our work is defined by others.

Instead of traditional employment, students can blend together different work components, such as consulting, teaching, writing, design, craft making, or contract work to match individual desires and create a fulfilling and practical career path that is supported by today’s technology and communication tools.

Estimates show more than a quarter of the working age population are currently engaged in nontraditional career paths, and this number is growing.

In his session, Ron Eldson will highlight why, when, and how creating an inspiring and practical non-traditional, entrepreneurial career path can be appealing to today's students.

Join us to learn:

  • Why people are drawn to nontraditional, entrepreneurial career paths
  • The benefits and challenges
  • Strategic factors to consider
  • Practical steps to a path forward

This event coincides with the Startup Startup Sucess event for high school and junior high students.

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