Please see below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our tours.  

What are the steps involved in booking a tour?

  1. Browse through the CED Tours categories and identify those which you are interested in touring (i.e. TMT, MDC or Arts, Robotics etc.)
  2. Fill out the “Request a Tour” form and send it to the Program Coordinator at This form will ask you to identify suitable dates and times for tour/s, number of students, what your students are interested in learning while there, duration of tour, (basically all the information tour hosts need to know about your group prior to book a tour), your school name and your contact information.
  3. Once the Coordinator receives your “Request a Tour” form, she will take care of coordinating times/dates on your behalf with the tour host and/or contact you with any questions.
  4. When the tour host has confirmed times/dates, the Careers in Calgary Program Coordinator will send an Outlook meeting confirmation with both your contact information and tour host contact email/phone included.
  5. Please respond to this by confirming the Outlook meeting request.
  6. Book your bus transportation with your school board’s preferred bussing vendor.
  7. Have the bussing vendor send the invoice to:
  8. Complete all necessary school paperwork.
  9. We request 1 teacher/adult per 15 students (industry hosts require 1 adult per 15 students).

What should I do to prepare for the tour?

  1. Prepare your students for the tour with company research, questions, classroom projects.
  2. Follow any safety protocols outlined by the tour host (i.e. closed toe shoes, no dangly jewellery etc).

What happens during the tours?

  1. Students and teachers/adults arrive at tour site and check in at reception/designated tour area.
  2. Typically, there is a sign in process and often times students/adults are required to wear protective outerwear in addition to hard hats and safety googles (provided by the company).
  3. Sometimes there is a brief safety talk prior to the tour.
  4. Company host/s will provide a tour of the facility to provide an idea of the workflow process in action. They will talk about competencies they look for during hiring, i.e., work experience, work internships, communication skills, team work, attitude, and educational requirements. Some allow for questions during tours, others allow for questions following tours. Please have your students prepare questions about the company or careers within the company – employers appreciate tour guests taking an active interest in their business. Hosts are happy to answer questions about their career path as well.
  5. Tours can take 45 minutes – 1 hour (depending on your time/duration requirements).
  6. The Program Coordinator will ask for feedback following the tour (either mind mapping feedback forms, stickies or writing on flip chart paper). Please encourage your students to provide their feedback – this feedback is very important to both Calgary Economic Development and Alberta Human Services.

What happens after tours?

  1. Follow up with post-tour activities.
  2. Ask students how many are interested in working in this industry following the tour and supply this information to Program Coordinator.

What do we need to bring?

Bring an inquisitive open mind. Most industry sites require closed toed shoes, and no dangling jewellery. Students will not be allowed to use their phones or personal digital devices while in the CEC or take photos/video while participating in the session.

Will lunch be provided?

Lunch is not provided. Students should bring their own cold lunch for a full day of tours.

How will I transport my class to the tours?

Teachers/career practitioners organize bussing to and from the school/site, however Calgary Economic Development will pay the bus invoices. The bus invoices can be sent directly to Program Coordinator at

How many of my students can do a tour at the same time?

Numbers of participants vary depending on the capacity of the individual sites - please check the tour spreadsheet/with Program Coordinator to determine the minimum and maximum numbers for site tours.

How many adults are required for students during tours?

Typically 1 adult per 15 students.

What if my school needs to get a hold of me or one of my students during the tours?

In the event that a school needs to get in touch with a teacher or student while he/she is on a tour, a personal cell number should be provided to the school by the teacher. Otherwise, the school can contact the Program Coordinator@ 403-701-7577.