In the new digital economy, communication is still key.

1.    What was your path to your career today?

I was born in Malaysia, grew up in England and Indonesia and currently call Calgary home. In 2003, I moved to Calgary to major in Biotechnology at the University of Calgary. Within the first month of classes, I knew I wasn’t cut out for the logical, left-brained world of computer science. So I changed my major to English Literature and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.
I applied to Kudos because I had been campaigning for a recognition program within my previous company without knowing there was such a thing as a recognition program!

2.    What inspired you to choose this career?

I’ve always enjoyed writing and marketing seemed like a logical step in the right direction. When I was finally ready to take the plunge into a new career, I joined a non-profit organization that resonated with my values – Chic Geek. Every day I learn something new and become a little bit more comfortable in a different area of my position – and I love it!

3.    What has surprised you most about your path/journey

Honestly, something surprises me every day. From learning the stories of my coworkers and leaders to a new aspect of marketing, it’s a never-ending cycle of learning.


4.    How do you see your career evolving with technology?

My career as an engagement ambassador merges traditional writing skills with modern methods of dissemination like blogs, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The age of instant information challenges me to be quicker on my feet when it comes to communicating and communication is a core tenet of humanity, so my job will never become obsolete.

5.    What skills would you recommend one needs to be successful in this career, now and in the future?

Empathy and communication are skills we should all try to develop on a daily basis. As a third-culture kid, my parents taught me at a very young age to be empathetic. It’s helped me navigate through many stressful situations both professionally and personally. I credit my parents, a diplomat and a lecturer, for encouraging my love for communication and cultivating a deep understanding of how important communication is in our daily lives.